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[May. 23rd, 2006|11:54 pm]
Megatokyo Rating!



About you -

Name: Alice
Age: 15
Likes: Anime, being alone, electronics, partying, music,roleplaying,scaring people.
Dislikes: Arrogant people, hypocrites, homophobes. Computer illiterate people.
Strong points: Electronics, I'm intelligent, creative, and a bit sadistic.
Weak points: I can be stubborn, and I hate asking for help. I would rather be completely alone than admit I can't do it.
Favorite music and movie genre: Rock! Action!
Dreams/Goals: I want to own a nightclub, and be super rich.
Give some song lyrics that you feel describe you:
Hold me now I need to feel relief
Like I never wanted anything
I suppose I'll let this go and find a reason I'll hold on to
I'm so ashamed of defeat
And I'm out of reason to believe in me
I'm out of trying to get by

I'm so afraid of the gift you give me
I don't belong here and I'm not well
I'm so ashamed of the lie I'm living
Right on the wrong side of it all

I can't face myself when I wake up
And look inside a mirror
I'm so ashamed of that thing
I suppose I'll let it go
Untill I have something more to say for me
I'm so afraid of defeat
And I'm out of reason to believe in me
I'm out of trying to defy

This or That -

Mature or immature? Both.
Leader or follower? Leader.
Down to earth or head in the clouds? Both, I lost alot of my dreams.
Glass half empty or half full? Empty
Act on impulse, or think things through? Depends, usually I think things through though.
Outgoing or shy? Outgoing.

Situation questions -

- You're stuck in the middle of nowhere with your friends, and your car stuck in the mud. What do you do? Hm, If I have a fire extinguisher or anything of that sort I can use it to propel the car out of the mud. Or I would get them to push it. If that didn't work I would pick one person to stay there and start hiking.
- You've just been offered your dream job, one that you've been working towards for years, you'll never get an oppurtunity like this again..but the problem is that it's on the other side of the world away from your friends and family. Do you take it? Fuck yea, if its my dream job then it pays m4jor c4sh dud3 I can visit.
- You find a wallet on the sidewalk, filled with cash. What do you do with it? Keep it, they shouldn't have dropped it, life is full of little dissapointments.
- Somebody has been giving your best friend a hard time at school, and he/she asks you for help. What action do you take? Kick their ass, nobody messes with my freinds. I never have but two or three if that so I can be protective quite often.

And please include one or two clear pictures of yourself. If you don't have any, just give a description.
Hmm, just check out my freinds only banner on my journal.

[User Picture]From: xpossumkingdomx
2006-05-24 10:07 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: aikouxtsuneni
2006-06-01 04:30 pm (UTC)
I see lotsa Miho...
But also see a lil Largo mixed in...?
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[User Picture]From: corpsefly
2006-08-28 10:49 pm (UTC)
sadism? nightclubs? asskickings?

It sounds somewhat like Miho.
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