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l33t ninj4 [Jul. 3rd, 2006|08:30 pm]
Megatokyo Rating!


[mood |curiouscurious]

About you -

Name: Nash
Age: 26
Likes: Drinking, fighting, working out, getting on people's nerves, women, rock and roll, anime and manga, roleplaying, football, baseball, martial arts, japanese culture, wrestling, racing, fire, computers and technology, motorcycles, trucks, collecting swords and knives, sarcasm.
Dislikes: People who piss me off, liars, posers, fakes, preppies, stuck-up snobs, having to "play nice" and get along with folks when I don't want to, authority figures, most everything else.
Strong points: Folks always tell me the thing they like best about me is that no matter what happens I'm too tough to let it slow me down, or that they respect me cause I'm blunt honest enough to tell you what's on my mind even if it sometimes hurts. I've also been told that I'm extremely dependable and trustworthy, and people often come to me for advice. Besides that, I'm pretty good at all sorts of things high-tech. I'm an extremely hard worker, and once I set myself on a goal, I'm real focused on it, and refuse to ever give up or give in.
Weak points: My anger. Definitely. I can be pretty over-aggressive at times, and am real hard-headed. I can get so stubborn that I stop paying attention to everything else except what I'm focused on...the determination is good, but not when it turns into tunnel-vision. I also tend to get depressed quite a bit, but I'm too tough to usually let that show, and at times I'm so distant that folks don't quite understand me. Besides all that, I have the absolute worst luck in the world when it comes to women.
Favorite music and movie genre: Used to love country, but not a big fan of the newer stuff. So now it's mostly classic rock, grunge, and some hard rock.
Dreams/Goals: To become equally balanced in mind, body, and soul. If you're looking for something a little less abstract, to be successful in my chosen profession. Not make money as much as to achieve a certain level of expertise.
Give some song lyrics that you feel describe you: Varies WAY too often. Like, on a day-to-day basis.

This or That -

Mature or immature? A little of both, I think. Overall I'm fairly mature, but I get so stubborn sometimes I don't listen to reason. And when I'm with my close buddies, I do tend to act real silly and goofy and borderline immature.
Leader or follower? Second in command. Everyone expects me to be a great leader, and while I can manage, I'm not so good being the top dog. Just don't command much respect. But I'm real good when put just underneath someone, where they tell me what needs to get done and lets me take care of business however I like. I'm even better when just left alone. I don't take well to authority or being told what to do at all, though.
Down to earth or head in the clouds? I'm a realist, through and through. I only keep my head in the clouds enough to have a goal in sight, and that's about it.
Glass half empty or half full? The glass is twice as big as it really needs to be.
Act on impulse, or think things through? Depends on my emotions. If I'm calm and focused, I'm pretty good about plotting and planning. Mostly before I get into a situation. Once I'm in the middle of it, I go more off of instinct and impulse.
Outgoing or shy? I'm a bit of a loner. I ain't shy, but I like to stay quiet and see what's goin' on around me, at least at first. In general though, I'm pretty outgoing.

Situation questions -

- You're stuck in the middle of nowhere with your friends, and your car stuck in the mud. What do you do? First off, my badass truck would never get stuck in the mud. If it did, though, I'd force everyone to get out and push, except for the smallest person (prolly a girl) so they could steer. If that don't work, cell phone some help from other friends with trucks...I've got more than enough people who owe me favors (though I wouldn't want more folks than need be to see me stuck and helpless like that...)
- You've just been offered your dream job, one that you've been working towards for years, you'll never get an oppurtunity like this again..but the problem is that it's on the other side of the world away from your friends and family. Do you take it? See ya.
- You find a wallet on the sidewalk, filled with cash. What do you do with it? If they have ID in there, track 'em down and give it back to them.
- Somebody has been giving your best friend a hard time at school, and he/she asks you for help. What action do you take? I'm probably the first one to the rescue. I don't let folks mess with my friends, and most of my friends turn to me first when things go bad cause I'm the guy that gets things done.

And please include one or two clear pictures of yourself. If you don't have any, just give a description.

They're real outdated, but I'll post to give y'all a general idea. And cause these are on a few of the other sites as well. I don't have many so bear with me...

This is an old one, but prolly the best I got though it's from my Senior year of high school. I'm #51, kneeling.

Gonna skip a few years, cause all my college pics had long, flowing hair halfway down my back. Don't look like that anymore, cause I had to cut it off for work. *grumbles*

Most recent one I got, aside from the ones where I'm cosplaying. A little small and hard to make out, but I'm the one in the green, over on the far edge.

Just in case the details don't show well in the pics, here's my basic description:
Hair's dark brown. Eyes are hazel. Build's a little heavier than average, but not desperately so. In fact, I'm a little trimmer now than I was in that picture from work, as even that was a year and a half ago. (I don't take many pics, and scan even fewer if you couldn't tell). I'm only 5'10", so I'm a touch on the short side. Kind of fair skin, with freckles, and almost always with a day or two's worth of stubble cause I hate to shave.


[User Picture]From: corpsefly
2006-08-28 11:14 pm (UTC)
Erika? She always seemed to be headstrong and full of good advice, and she's not exactly weak, either.
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